30 May 2012

diana mini in suomenlinna.

last weekend it felt like summer: Jacopo and I spent our saturday in Suomenlinna. I took my diana mini with an ektar 100.
diana mini in Suomenlinna:
✻ my ten favourite shots.
it had been a while since last time we were in Suomenlinna: summertime is surely the best moment to visit there - I always enjoy the boat trip from Kauppatori too!

29 May 2012

letter from charlyn.

there is nothing better than running to the post office to get a surprise package: today I got a very special one from Charlyn. Charlyn is a lovely girl from Toronto: she likes to travel a lot and she keeps a beautiful blog - which I have been following for over a year.
from Charlyn's surprise letter:
besides the card, the polaroids and the beautiful notebook - she sent a soft bird magnet, bird-shaped paper clips and some delicious sweets.
not only this is my first letter from Charlyn - but it is also the first I have received since I moved to Ullanlinna.
♥ thank you so much, Charlyn!

20 May 2012


last time we were in Viikki nature reserve was in the beginning of march - so the place looked totally different when we visited it last thursday. here are some of the photographs I have taken with my diana mini and a portra 160 film.
10 photographs from Viikki:
✻ we spotted many beautiful birds!
wandering around with Jacopo is one of my favourite things to do: I wish we had more free time to do more field trips!

19 May 2012


last thursday we took a day off - it had been a while since Jacopo and I went for a field trip. we ended up going for a walk through two beautiful Helsinki neighborhoods: Vanhakaupunki and Viikki. I took my diana mini with a portra 160.
10 photographs from Vanhakaupunki:
✻ we visited the Power Plant Museum: the site was extremely fascinating!
from Vanhakaupunki we continued on towards Viikki - to enjoy the magnificent natural surroundings. it was a wonderful day and I am very happy with what came out of my diana mini: I will share 10 photographs from Viikki in my next post!

15 May 2012

100 feeders (13).

I have finally got printed the 100 postcards for my 100 feeders: it feels beautiful to hold them in my hands. I also got printed 100 flyers with a brief explanation of my project. I am really pleased by the work they did at Sokkeli print lab: they were efficent and fast.
one of the 100 flyers - both sides:
5 of the 100 postcards - both sides:
✻ I have chosen 5 different questions - distributed randomly for the 100 postcards. the size of the postcards is A5 - so that there will be plenty of space for people to answer. each postcard has my studio adress and a stamp for Finland.
everything is almost ready for the 1st feeders give away next week - in occasion of TESTAUSHALLI exhibit: don't miss it!