28 April 2014

views of liminka.

the second day of our holiday in Northern Finland we decided to go back to Liminganlahden Luontokeskus: the nature reserve that we had visited last summer. unfortunately the weather was rainy and unpleasant but the views of the vast and lonely countryside were still very fascinating.
views of Liminka:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 400
the countryside in the municipality of Liminka is full of abandoned farm houses and barns: I would love to stop by and photograph every single one of them and maybe one day I finally will. even though the cloudy weather was captivating to photograph I was very glad when the sun came out that evening: thankfully the rest of our holiday was sunny!

24 April 2014

travelling north.

we spent the Easter holidays in Oulu: during those five days we ate a lot of delicious home-cooked food and we also went on a few photographic excursions. I took my Nikomat EL with me and a couple of film rolls: I will share some of my favourite photographs from those over the next couple of weeks. let me begin with the ones I took during our long drive to the north.
travelling north:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 400
the drive from Helsinki to Oulu takes approximately six hours but it always takes a bit longer if you are stopping every once in a while to take photographs. I must have taken these somewhere in Keski-Suomi: the northern we went the colder it became and some of the lakes were still partly frozen. thankfully there were going to be some lovely sunny days ahead - even though we did not know that yet. I find that old and rusty iron bridge extremely fascinating!

22 April 2014

adox color implosion III.

I have just returned to Helsinki after a trip to Northern Finland and the weather is so beautiful that it already feels like summer: unbelievable! my Easter holidays in the north were a little colder but very nice: I will share some photographs of those days soon. meanwhile here are a few more shots from the ADOX Color Implosion film that I liked so much.
ADOX Color Implosion - part III:
Nikon FM - ADOX Color Implosion
I took the first two photographs in Seurasaari on an afternoon walk with a dear friend and the third one in Töölönlahti on an evening walk. most of the evening shots I took did not turn out the way I wanted: the grain and the red tones were totally unbearable. I have really loved my first experience with the ADOX Color Implosion - though next time I will use it only on very bright days!

16 April 2014

adox color implosion II.

the more I look at the photographs I took with the ADOX Color Implosion the more I like them: I really need to get my hands on some more rolls of this special film! meanwhile here are a few more of those I took that Saturday in Kivinokka with Jacopo: I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.
ADOX Color Implosion - part II:
Nikon FM - ADOX Color Implosion
Jacopo is the author of the second photograph: one of the rare cases when I actually like myself in a picture. the colours of these three are slightly darker than the ones of the previous photographs I have shared - though I am still very pleased with them.

P.S. tomorrow we are leaving on a little trip to Northern Finland for the Easter holidays. I wish you all a very happy Easter! I will be back on Passer Domesticus after the holidays.

13 April 2014

adox color implosion I.

a couple of weeks ago while in London for work Jacopo got me a wonderful gift: an ADOX Color Implosion film which he bought at The Photographers' Gallery Bookshop. the film was advertised as a surreal color negative film which originally used to be a defective AGFA aerial 800 iso without a red filter in the emulsion: if shot as a 100 iso the ADOX would apparently produce imploding colors, bursting reds and toxic grain. needless to say I was very excited to try it out!
ADOX Color Implosion - part I:
Nikon FM - ADOX Color Implosion
this is a first selection of photographs I have taken with the ADOX last Saturday and I am very happy with these results: the colours and tones are really surreal and dreamy in my opinion! the grain is indeed quite toxic but somehow very appealing in these images. what do you think?
I will share more photographs from the ADOX Color Implosion film soon!

11 April 2014

by the sea II.

here are three more photographs from that Saturday morning Jacopo and I spent in Suomenlinna by the sea. the first of these and the third of those I have shared in my previous post were taken by Jacopo.
by the sea - part II:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
it has been a very busy week: I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend! hopefully next week will bring more photographs and possibly a little trip during the Easter holidays. enjoy your weekend!

07 April 2014

by the sea I.

there are places in Helsinki where I have been many times and yet I still find beautiful: Suomenlinna is one of them. that Saturday Jacopo and I decided to take advantage of the good weather to have a walk by the sea. it was extremely windy and we found a spot on the rocky shore where to admire the waves crashing in: what an impressive sight it was!
by the sea - part I:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
for a moment there I thought we were standing by the ocean: the Baltic Sea is rarely so wavy. the harmonic motion and sound of the waves made me feel like taking a video with my mobile phone - I hardly ever shoot videos: you can watch it on my Instagram if you like.

03 April 2014

april is here.

I cannot believe it is already April!
today I would like to share a photograph that I did not take but that Jacopo took of me instead. a couple of weeks ago we ended up walking on Hietaniemi beach just before sunset: it was a very windy day and my eyes were watering but Jacopo took my Hasselblad and shot this photograph of me which I think turned out quite good - I have a dreamy yet melancholy expression in it that I really like. I believe it is meaningful that this portrait of me was taken just a few days after I had changed my hairstyle - saying goodbye to the straight bangs that I had worn since my childhood.
a photograph of me taken by Jacopo:
Hasselblad 500 C/M - Lomography Redscale 100
unfortunately the rest of the photographs taken on this film roll all turned out really badly - extremely grainy and with horrible stains of colours. I have to say I was quite disappointed by the Lomography Redscale 100: the Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 is much better in my opinion. still I thought this particular photograph was really worth sharing. many thanks to Jacopo!