19 May 2014

color film for spectra.

there is still one last photograph from our Easter Holiday in Northern Finland that I would like to share with you: a portrait that Jacopo took of me with his Polaroid Image System. that afternoon we ended up walking by the sea in Oulunsalo and the sun was shining bright on the pieces of ice scattered by the icebreakers - what a beautiful sparkling sight that one was!
a portrait of me taken by Jacopo:
Polaroid Image System - Color Film for Spectra
we seldom shoot polaroids nowadays and I really miss the beautiful soft tones of the Impossible Instant Film! this has been one of the first polaroids that Jacopo has taken since the start of 2014: Finnish winter is certainly not the best time of the year to shoot films that do not stand cold temperatures. I truly hope that we will have the chance to take more polaroids now that the summer is finally coming: I am looking forward to trying out more of this Color Film for Spectra.

I am currently waiting for two film rolls to be developed: I will not be posting anything new here for a few days. until then I am leaving you with a quote from a book I have just finished reading and found very inspiring: Tove Jansson Life, Art, Words: The Authorised Biography by Boel Westin.
Duty and pleasure are a long story for me, permanently relevant, and I've gradually reached an unusual and altogether personal conclusion. The only honest thing is pleasure - desire, joy - and nothing I've forced myself to do has ever given pleasure to the people round me. Tove Jansson - April 1955

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