05 April 2018

15.02.2018 — Faroe Islands

It didn't take longer than a day for me to feel at home in Faroe: it's hard to put down into words the sense of calm and peacefulness I experienced. This was definitely because of the incredibly beautiful and solitary landscape surrounding us, but also because of the people I met and their pace in life — which felt so different from what I was used to!

The second time we met Juanita — two days after the first session — I remember picking her up outside her work place and spending the drive to the location chatting with her as if we were old friends. She was knitting a sweater in the back seat of our rental, telling us about Faroe: we had many questions, but she seemed happy to answer them all.

The location for this session was Fossáone of the highest waterfalls in Faroe. The mist of the water rising from the waterfall made for a very moody backdrop and the reddish colour of the earth matched perfectly with Juanita's copper hair.
Camera Nikon Df
Lens Nikon 135mm f/2 DC

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