24 April 2018

17.02.2018 — Faroe Islands

The days we weren't meeting models, we spent slowly soaking in the beauty of Faroe, visiting charming little villages and chatting away with the locals — always so friendly! Quite often we ended our evenings in a coffe shop in Tórshavn — my favourite was Paname Café — tasting Faroese delicacies and looking through our photos. I fell in love with an extremely hard Faroese cracker called Skipskeks: I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but I found it delicious!

We met Maria on a Saturday morning outside her home in lovely Vestmanna and we were pleasantly surprised when her parents invited us in for a delicious homecooked brunch. It was wonderful chatting with them and learning more about life in Faroe!

Needless to say, we chose to photograph Maria because of her amazing curly hair but we ended up meeting a young woman that was so much more than her looks. In a few months, she will leave Faroe to spend a year studying in the United States: I wish her all the best and I'm hoping to have her in front of my camera again in the future!

Below a selection from our session in charming — and very rainy — Saksun.
Camera Nikon Df
Lens Nikon 135mm f/2 DC

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