12 May 2018

20.02.2018 — Faroe Islands

The day we met adorable Sigri was so sunny it felt like summer. In fact, summer in Faroe Islands doesn't get too warm, so 15 degrees Celsius is a positively balmy day — but be ware of the wind, as I had never felt a wind so strong and Helsinki can be very windy!

We started our session on the mountains, by the old road for Tórshavn, Oyggjarvegur: the views from up there are breath-taking and most locals still use that road, despite the fact that taking the newly built tunnel would be much faster.

When I said "adorable Sigri" I wasn't exaggerating: we have felt extremely at ease with her since the moment she got in our rental. She was wearing a lovely brown knit made by her grandma and she was happily chatting away with us, as if we were good old friends. We both liked her so much, we actually ended up giving her some of the clothes we brought for the session since she seemed so into them — especially the blue puffer.

We decided to end our photoshoot once again in Kirkjubøur: the light was very different from the afternoon we went with Juanita, so we stayed out until late to make the most of the golden hour. It was a beautiful day, perhaps my favourite we spent in Faroe.
Camera Nikon Df
Lens Nikon 135mm f/2 DC

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