11 May 2019


When I started taking photos my sister was my very first model. I remember a makeshift paper background propped against the wall at my family home. Many years have passed since then and my sister and I live in different countries now, so having her in front of my camera is very special to me.

It makes me so happy when Emilia can visit me in Helsinki! She spent a few days here and just boarded her flight home an hour ago. Despite the many years we have already spent apart, saying goodbye is hard every single time. Looking at these photos, though, makes me think about the lovely time we got to spend together and I'm grateful for that!

She posed for me wearing my jeans and swimsuit on a peaceful Friday evening in Mustikkamaa. We biked there and back and had so much fun. She is a beautiful, sensitive and wonderful person and I am so proud to be her twin sister!
Camera Nikon Z6
Lens Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.8 S

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