17 July 2009

arrivederci milano.

I always get pensive,
before I start to travel again.


this is an old copy book. one of those with metal rings to keep paper sheets. it was my mother's for a long time, then it was mine, when I was younger. I've decided I am taking it with me again, to keep some soon-to-come new paper sheets. the artwork is beautiful.

I am leaving for Helsinki on Monday.
* my real friends will get letters.
ciao ciao.

13 July 2009

amanda m. jansson.

A M A N D A M . J A N S S O N

has been one of my dearest pen friends for almost two years now: she sent her photos and her stories for the project through the mail and she made me very happy.

*darkroom prints © Polly . Bird
**texts originally by Amanda M. Jansson

09 July 2009

mail box.

when I come back home, there's always a few
lovely surprises in the mail box!

*from Amanda and Elina

*from my best friend

*from my lovely Jacopo

08 July 2009

polaroid swinger model 20.

I have been at my parents' house for a few days.
today I was baking my special lemon cookies, when I found out we were out of flour. I went to ask for it to my dear old neighboor lucy and she made me a very unexpected and lovely surprise. she gave me an old polaroid swinger model 20, that somebody gifted her with a long time ago.

the polaroid bag is fantastic and inside of it I found all these treasures, even the original manual. the polaroid looks new, also because lucy told me she has almost never used it. I wish I could find the film for it, but I don't know if it would be possible: it is a special roll film just for polaroid model 20. I will be hunting for roll film around the world, meanwhile I am just happy I got such an awesome unexpected gift.

P.S. if you like polaroid cameras as much as I do, check this blog out: different viewfinders.

07 July 2009


*turning a cage into a tree.

Jaarmo has a new home now. and he's very much happy about it. plus, it was all so much fun to do!

04 July 2009

karl-erik andersson.

K A R L - E R I K A N D E R S S O N

❆ this person informed me that his real name is not karl-erik andersson, infact, he would like to keep his real identity secret. considering the Project RECOLLECTION rules, he has absolutely the right to do this.
❆❆ if you, dear reader, would feel more confortable to post something under a made-up name for this project, I would be very pleased to accept it!

*darkroom prints © Polly . Bird
**texts originally by karl-erik andersson¹
¹in swedish double names are usually shortened: karl-erik, in this case, becomes kalle.
kalle decided to share with us just one photo, yet the story he wrote me by email, as you can read, is extremely interesting. even if we cannot know kalle's real identity, "the legend of mikael and his friend oskar" is truly giving out something special.


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