30 June 2010


I am not sure whether this works or not, anyway here's a long list where I wrote down what I hate the most right now.
today I feel EVIL.

27 June 2010

my first books.

"il pulcino gaio"

"l'orso teo"

I wanted to share a few scanned pages from "il pulcino gaio" - "little chick gaio" and from "l'orso teo" - "teo the bear".
my mamma has kept these two cardboard books: they were mine and emi's favourite when we were babies. I still think they look wonderful: the drawings are colourful, the stories are simple, plus they speak about animals.

25 June 2010

the lucky one.

"so I was the lucky one
reading letters, not writing them
taking pictures of anyone
I know
[au revoir simone]
by the way, I do write letters, as some of you may know. but I am also lucky enough to recieve them. and to recieve many of them.
♡ from Johannes

he sent me a wonderful vintage book about birds!

♡ from Frances

she looks beautiful
with her baby!thank you my friends!

18 June 2010

goodbye jaarmo.

dear Jaarmo ♡

my sweet bird passed away this morning: he found it hard to breathe. I will bury him between flowers in the woods in my home town.
Jaarmo was a wonderful friend and we will never forget him.

10 June 2010

takk fyrir jónsi.

09.06.2010: when I finally got to meet Jónsi.

I was waiting for his show for so long and it was totally worth it. the scenarium was far beyond my expectation: a combination of sounds and images of wild animals in the forest, a snow storm, trees growing and flowers in bloom were just a small part of it - but I can't put this down into words, since everything was just too beautiful to my senses.

after the concert, me and jacopo waited for more than one hour outside the venue until jónsi and alex came out. they stopped by their coach and they were so nice to sign autographs with all of the few people that was waiting for them.

it was just like a dream talking to an artist that I consider one of the most inspirational ever: fortunately jacopo took the photos with his instax camera.
I also want to note down that both jónsi and alex said that my piece of paper was beautiful; that made me so happy since I had picked up the paper sheet on purpose: it belonged to my dear grandma ebe and I've found it between her photographs.

I got a bag from the official merchandise and jacopo got a tee shirt with the same print: I find it lovely.

08 June 2010


✻ weekend on the swiss alps

last time I was on the swiss alps must have been at least 10 years ago with emi and my mam and dad.

Jacopo and I bought a fuji fp-100b for my swinger: the shots came out nicely.

we spent a day walking around a beautiful mountain lake: the colours were bright and the weather wasn't too warm.

on our way back we discovered an extremely interesting looking building: the castelmur palace.

we got to try a packet of PX 600 (new edition for the classic polaroid 600), but the result wasn't that exciting: most of the shots didn't come out with a real shape and the black and white wasn't a real black and white but resembled the PX 100. as long as that package still belonged to the first flush of the PX 600, I hope for a much better version of the next flush: I miss the old polaroid 600 quite alot. ANYWAY*

despite the disappointment on PX 600, the visit inside the castle was interesting and really inspiring and the old village around the building was beautiful too.

some might think that I have been taking too many pointless photographs of my free time lately, but frankly I don't care: I am trying to save some memories of my italian summer before I leave for the great north.

02 June 2010

60°10'15''N 24°56'15''E.

everyone should hold a paper sheet saying where they would like to go.
❝ it is easy to say where you would want to go, but it is not so simple to get there. and even if you get a one way ticket to your favourite place in the world, it won't be easy for you to leave another place behind, especially when you come to call that another place home.❞

I've built myself a pair of sparrow wings.
my new swinger III works perfectly.

I want to spend more time with Jacopo.

01 June 2010

super colour swinger III.

I got my new polaroid land camera in the mail.
her name is SUPER COLOUR SWINGER III: she can be put on a tripod which makes her extremely nice to work with!
I also got some original instruction for the camera film and a special handwritten note:
✻ thank you to Mr. L. Dennison for the useful note: he was the proud owner of this camera before his nephew decided to sell it to me.