14 June 2011


my dad ♡ knows me so well that he has got me a surprise from an old school he has been restauring: three film rolls from the 40's which were used to be projected as a way of teaching.
the film rolls are extremely well preserved - as they are still in their own yellow box - labeled with their own title. I have scanned each film and I am now going to share them here.
La Lapponia e i Lapponi
my personal favourite is the one about Lapland - I think the photographs are really fascinating.
Dagli Appennini alle Ande
a story I had been watching myself as a kid on tv - about a boy traveling to Argentina to look for his mam.
Perchè la Mamma si Alza Presto
a story about the role of the mother in the family - very 1940's in Italy.
I am really thankful to my dad for giving me such treasures - once again he has proved that he respects what I like to do the most. I hope he will find more films in that school!


  1. il papà è stato davvero tenero *-*
    è incredibile le cose che si possono trovare ristrutturando un vecchio edificio... una volta avevo trovato una scatola di legno piena di pennini ed inchiostri *-*

  2. ombrenelcielo15.6.11

    le vorrei stampare <3

  3. anche a me piacerebbe farle stampare :)

  4. this is beyond amazing! such beautiful films. truly beautiful (:

  5. I'll show you the packages when I come back home ;)

  6. aaaw. those r soooo beautifuL! what a treasure of a dad! <3 <3 <3