10 June 2011

PX 680.

I was thrilled to find out that a photo store in the neighborhood sells some pretty treasures.
PX 680 color shade - first flush
eventually the impossible project has come up with a beautiful film - the definition is quite good and the colours are amazing looking to me.
✻ the first one was taken in my apartment - it has been so far the best PX taken inside.
✻ the third and second ones were taken at the botanical garden - the weather being sunny and hot, the film turned out with lovely warm tones.
my personal favourite of Jacopo down at the harbour - the colour of the sea is just perfect.
see also flickr!


  1. Best Polaroids I've ever used!
    And these suits perfectly our Helsinki mood <3

  2. I am really happy about this film yesss! :)

  3. sono davvero venute bene, non c'รจ paragone con le precedenti... i colori sono fantastici *-*
    p.s. botanical garden <3

  4. lo penso anch'io :) non vedo l'ora di scattarne delle nuove!