29 July 2011

polaroids of a journey.

Helsinki - Tampere - Oulu - Särkimö - Oulu - Kilpisjärvi - Tromsø - Oulu - Helsinki.
26 polaroids of the journey:
bed and breakfast near Tampere.
✻ in Kyllikki's garden - Oulu.
✻ at the summer house [mökki] in Särkimö - Ostrobothnia Pohjanmaa.
riding my bike in Oulu - will it be so easy to bike in Helsinki?
✻ images from Pohjois-Pohjanmaa and Lappi - on the way to Kilpisjärvi.
✻ I have never seen as many reindeers as I have during this trip - not to mention two moose calves.
✻ crossing the finnish border to reach Norway - from Kilpisjärvi.
night(less) time in the beautiful city of Tromsø.
✻ more images from Norway - where the ocean smells different from our Baltic Sea and where I have found shells and sea urchin's skeletons.
✻ on the way back to Finland.
✻ last day in Oulu - before driving back home to Helsinki.
I hope the photographs will be able to resume a little the magic of what I have seen. ♡ colours and smells and sounds of those places are going to be forever a source of inspiration for me!


  1. <3

    these landscapes are the most beautiful sources of inspiration for me as well (: (:

    it was a nice journey (:

  2. yes! "nice" is too small for a word to describe those places though - I was speechless! :)

  3. these photos are beyond beautiful *__* ♥ i love all of them! the colours and lights are so lovely. i'm convinced that your trip was amazing, i need to hear all about it soon! i've missed you both ♥

  4. Maisa <3 we'll tell you all about it soon! I am glad you like the photographs :)

  5. *-* che posti bellissimi. <3

  6. sì, meravigliosi *_*

  7. wow! beautiful beautiful photos!!!
    they portrait a magical place...

  8. thank you so much Joana :)

  9. That polaroid series is soo nice. lovely travel souvenirs.

    (here, i completed my post about what i thought about Sicily :)

  10. ah great, I am going to look at it straight away :)