23 August 2011

first days with emi.

my sister is in Helsinki - for the second time this year. needless to say we are having a lovely time together. the days are getting a little colder and shorter - still we are enjoying every minute of our walks in the city.
10 photos from these days with Emi:
1st day: the weather was summery. the tourist who took our photo at the market harbour didn't quite got it right. we spent hours reading books at the botanical garden.
on Saturday: we went to Seurasaari - the openair museum was open for the summer and it was amazing to be there.

: museums were closed. we walked a lot and Emi took a photo of me sitting next to I-don't-know-what in front of a souvenirs shop.
today: we tried to catch up with our schedule of museums and city sights - but there are still so many things for Emi to see. I have taken a portrait of Jacopo with his new bike - it was a joyful day for him too.
♡ I am so grateful for these days I get to spend with my sister and I am really glad that there are some more to come!


  1. u r like my favourite twins ever n ever! <3
    also: great bike jacopo! ;)

  2. <3 ho i lucciconi aw

  3. Amanda thank you! :) and Emi <3

  4. !:)
    right now i miss my brother when looking on this pictures! :D
    wowo! bike! <3
    see you soon ! :D

  5. I know, brothers and sisters are truly special! :)

  6. your polaroids always have a touch of overexposure which gives them a sense of ethereality... so beautiful!
    enjoy the rest of the time with your sister ;)

  7. thank you :) I love these PX680 because of that :)

  8. *__* even if I am always at work it is nice to have Emi here for some time (((:

  9. you should spend more time with us <3

  10. I just read formone of the comments, are you both twins?? :)

    These photos are so lovely and i wish i get to spend time with my sister, we're only 3 years difference but it's great having the same interest and talks!