18 August 2011

per jacopo.

I would like to dedicate a post to Jacopo. today is an important day for him and I want him to know that I am thinking about him. I would like to share here 10 of my favourite photographs of him and me together.
Polly & Jacopo
the first photo booth we took together in Milano - february 2009.
♥ when he bought roses for me and we had our photograph taken in Piazza Duomo - march 2009.
♥ we were printing in the darkroom as he was helping me with a school project - april 2009.
our first time in Finland together - when in Helsinki there were still a couple of analogue photo booths - july 2009.
♥ for a project of mine called "Betulaceae" - november 2009.
♥ one winter day we have met Muumipeikko in Stockholm - december 2009.
my favourite polaroid that Kyllikki has taken of us at the summer house - august 2010.
♥ when Emi visited Helsinki for the first time she took a polaroid of us in front of the white cathedral - march 2011.
♥ from our trip to northern Finland last Easter - one of the best self timer shots we have ever taken - april 2011.
♥ unseen PX680 of us in front of the botanical garden - one of our favourite places close to our home - august 2011.
one year ago - when I have moved to Finland - Jacopo had to wait more than 5 months before moving with me: it was really hard not to spend time with him. I am just so happy that we won't have to say goodbye this time in september.
Jacopo ♡


  1. I am crying *___*
    because this is such a lovely post <3

    it has been a year full of incredible things this last one, but the best is yet to come :)

  2. grazie Jacopo :) imbocca al lupo per oggi. ti abbraccio <3

  3. beautiful post indeed! i m pleased to say: i have take one of these!!! hahah. hugs to u both!

  4. yes that is true :) the lovely day when we met Muumipeikko!

  5. you are such a lovely couple ♥ i'm so glad you're both my friends.

    and good luck to jacopo for today!

  6. Maisa you are such a treasure. The bestest of friends for us, you know? <3

  7. I'll let you know about Jacopo tonight as soon as I know <3

  8. A beautiful post...by a beautiful girl about a beautiful boy....


  9. lovely post! the photos are beautiful as are the comments beneath them.
    you look adorable together!

  10. aw :) thank you both!

  11. :) sweet couple
    wish you lucky!

  12. thank you my dear Justyna :)

  13. Awww you guys are really lovely, all these photos are so simple and definitely kill the corniness of typical love photos haha <3 The dark room picture looks like it came from a movie! i like his name, jacopo!

  14. Thank you Celsee :) I also like his name a lot. it is not that common!