15 August 2011

my first customer.

Audrey Clark is a lovely girl from USA and she is the first person ever who has purchased my finnish postcards.
thank you Audrey - this is what I have mailed you today:
✻ maxi envelope for maxi postcards - each postcard is 14,8 X 21 cm.
Audrey wanted to have all of the 8 postcards - which made me very happy.
the back of each postcard.
✻ my message to Audrey - I have also included a little surprise for her...
now that I have finally printed the very first batch of my finnish postcards - I must say I am really happy with the texture of the paper and with the colours that have come out. I have just open an etsy shop to hopefully get more visible.


  1. Let's shop on your store then (: (:

  2. :D

    I'm adding you to my Etsy circle!

  3. OMG POLLY! This is so so lovely, i'm definitely buying it next week! Ahhhh

  4. thank you Celsee :) you are welcome to shop any of the postcards whenever you like!

  5. congrats! they are truly beautiful!
    here's a hope to many more*

  6. thank you :)) I will work on some more, if the start of the university doesn't take away too much time to me.

  7. pretty! :) go Polly go! :)