14 August 2011

valtteri 03.

some old photographs I have found at Valtteri flea market yesterday:
✻ is this little girl holding a bird in her hand?
✻ I always tend to look for portraits of women.
✻ I have searched for animal photographs and I have found a few ones with dogs.
✻ I usually pick up the photographs which struck my attention - like the one with kids posing as greek statues or the tiny black-framed photo booth photo.
✻ is this Tromsø? it reminds me so much of this polaroid I took there.
✻ eventually I have chosen a few landscapes and two photographs of planes.
I just can't get enough of old photographs - they are truly inspirational and sensational to me.


  1. so che ti piacciono :)

  2. they are all beautiful. i always feel sad looking at old photographs like these, thinking that people got rid of them, or they died and someone else didn't want to keep them.. collectors like you give them a second life :)

  3. what great finds! they're beautiful on their own, but knowing they belonged to someone else, and that they captured a moment in time... a different time, is something else!
    i'm in love with these!

  4. thank you Alice, this is a beautiful thought! and thank you Joana, I also feel the same about old photographs :)