17 September 2011

what I liked about london.

my few days in London with Jacopo went by quite fast - there wasn't enough time to visit all the places we would have liked to visit. London was far more big and far more chaotic than I had remembered it - still it held a peculiar feeling that intrigued me and inspired me once again.
8 photographs/8 things that I liked about London in no particular order:
✻ red brick victorian houses.
✻ the Tate Modern.
✻ the animals in St James's park.
✻ historical buildings such as the Tower of London.
✻ english gardens which reminded me of the countryside.
✻ the english weather.
✻ the unbelievable varieties of twinings herbal infusions.
✻ iconic buildings such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge.
next time I visit england I would rather go for a trip in the countryside - I certainly would not miss the enormous amount of people nor the complicated and suffocating underground trains system.


  1. I should! they've told me it's magnificent! :) isn't your mam from Wales, Amanda? do I remember correctly?

  2. such lovely photos again! ♥

  3. perfect :)
    oh you're wearing the bird ! i suits you so perfectly :)

  4. thank you Alice :) yes the bird is lovely!

  5. secondo me sono venute molto bene anche queste foto :)
    animali, mattoni e fiori <3

  6. sì, la triade perfetta! :-)

  7. yes polly my dearest! u remember correctly. ;) tell me if u r going n i can give u some tips. lol

  8. Ahhh London you lovely lovely place, my very first experience is the heavy snow and my first time seeing snow too. So magical :) I love the buildings and we went to this mad expensive cake shop and they have high end tea parties which is so lovely. Tate modern was so good, i went and saw Rothko's exhibition there.
    I'll do anything to go back, really want to study design there. So glad you had a lovely time!

    But yeah the underground train station is so packed and crazy, it was also my first time exprienced being in a public train transport...so i was actually happy to be there. and oh god don't you just love their accents!! It's like music to my ears haha.

    Oh i've written way too much :x

  9. This must be the longest comment I have ever got! :) I am glad that this post of mine brought back so many good memories to you!
    and yes, I loved the british accent!

  10. damn, i want to go to london!
    victorian houses are lovely, with their red bricks...

  11. I totally agree about Victorian houses! :)

  12. what I liked about London?
    the time spent with you walking in the busy streets of the City and wondering about the buildings and the people there <3

  13. I have also liked being with you the most <3

  14. Eeee! I'm visiting London next month!
    Can't wait!!! :D

  15. great! are you going to go around europe as well?