26 December 2011

filmini 02.

my dad has saved for me a box full of old film rolls - from the same school where he got the previous ones. the box contains 154 film rolls, 7 packets of dia films and 6 super8 rolls about history, geography, science and more. I have scanned some frames of my favourites and stored the precious box in my room.
✻ frames from Gli Animali del Bosco

✻ frames from Gli Uccelli

✻ frames from Pesci più Comuni

✻ frames from Animali in una Fattoria

✻ frames from Gli Animali Domestici

I love the scratches and the pale colours: these film rolls are beautiful.
♥ grazie papà!


  1. che meraviglia tutti quanti! ma gli animali del bosco aw *-*

  2. that's an amazing gift! bra pappa!

  3. Hai visto, Emi? :-) Dear Justyna I miss you too :-( Johannes thank you :-)

  4. Anonymous26.12.11

    non mi sono mai arrivate quelle altre invece :(
    poi spedirle al mio me.com?


  5. that's a priceless gift!
    lovely stills :)

  6. Jacopo, domani riprovo :-) Joana, thank you :-)