12 April 2012

emi in helsinki - kruunuvuori.

I promised to share some photographs from the second diana mini roll we took with Emi in Kruunuvuori: below are my top ten favourites. going to Kruunuvuori is always enchanting: Jacopo and I hadn't been there for over a year - while for my sister it was the first time ever there.
2nd diana mini roll with Emi:

✻ most of this roll is overexposed - but I still like these photographs.
that day in Kruunuvuori was my personal favourite - between those that Emi spent here: we even enjoyed a picnic outside!
P.S. unfortunately most of the photos of me and Emi together were totally out of foucus: we need to take more next time she visits here!


  1. una giornata indimenticabile <3
    tu sei sempre nel mio cuore anche senza le foto Pollyni *-*

  2. i have no words to describe this place! at least the one photo of you both is great though!

    1. I know you would have liked the place so much, Amanda! if you visit us, we will take you there for sure! :-)