15 April 2012

picnic 02.

after some days of hard work - I would like to share some photographs of our process for the realization of PICNIC. Essi, Kristiina, Myriam and I have spent friday in the sculpture studio in TAIK and yesterday in the Aalto Art House working on some molds and casting them.
6 photographs from friday:

✻ making of the molds in TAIK.
6 photographs from saturday:

casting in Aalto Art House.
I am really happy to say that PICNIC is about to be ready - there are only a few more molds to be prepared and to cast. what a wonderful team work!


  1. queste foto mi fanno strippare. <3

  2. this look like something i would thoroughly enjoy doing.
    and it's looking so good already :)

    1. in fact I am having so much fun working on this project with my friends! :-)
      thanks Joana!