30 July 2014

parco dello stelvio part II.

at 2127m above the sea level even when the sun is shining there is always a cool wind blowing and it is never too hot. during the days we spent in Val di Rezzalo the weather was pleasant and that gave us the chance to hike as much as we wanted: we walked at least 8km up the mountains each time.
Parco dello Stelvio - part two:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
I hardly believe my photographs can fully express the beauty of the landscapes we have witnessed during those hikes but there are still many more images I would like to share with you. I wish I could somehow convey the freshness of the air and the sounds of the birds and the streams we encountered!

28 July 2014

parco dello stelvio part I.

selecting my favourite photographs among all those I took at Parco dello Stelvio was not easy: I am so happy to finally start sharing them! two weeks ago Jacopo and I spent four fabulous days at my family's mountain hut at Clevaccio in Val di Rezzalo (2127m): I had not been there in 18 years.
Parco dello Stelvio - part one:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
here you can see how Clevaccio looks like: I am so glad there are still places like it on our planet! nothing had changed since the last time I was there: the sky felt closer and the silence sounded beautifully just like when I was a little girl. after 18 years it had been a fantastic comeback!

26 July 2014

chiavenna e val bregaglia.

I took my Hasselblad along only a couple of times while in Italy: when we visited Chiavenna and when we went to Val Bregaglia. Chiavenna is a beautiful old town not that far from my parents' village in Northern Italy. that day the weather was warm and sunny and we spent the afternoon strolling around the narrow streets. I especially like that photograph that Jacopo took of me!
photographs from Chiavenna:
photographs from Val Bregaglia:
Hasselblad 500 C/M - Lomography Redscale XR 50-200
the day we went to Val Bregaglia we were not that lucky: it started to rain on our way to Castelmur and most of my photographs did not turn out the way I was hoping they would. I still wanted to share a couple of them though: I really liked that vintage Toblerone billboard and the mill! once again the tones of the Redscale XR 50-200 turned out very differently: much redder in Chiavenna than in Val Bregaglia. anyhow I completely cherished both of those days! ♥

20 July 2014

estate italiana.

I have been in Italy for almost two weeks and soon enough it will be time to go back to Helsinki. it has been a fantastic holiday: I could spend some days with my family and some more hiking with Jacopo at Stelvio National Park. as soon as I will get my rolls of film developed I will share more photographs and stories with you about my italian summer. here is a little preview with a selection of mobile shots: I hope you will enjoy them!
estate italiana - italian summer:
more photographs on Instagram!
these were taken in beautiful Varenna on Como Lake when my sister and I visited the magnificent gardens of Villa Monastero. I will always remember that day with pleasure. I especially love that photograph that my sister took of me!

12 July 2014

kaunissaari part VI.

this is my sixth and last post dedicated to Kaunissaari. Midsummer feels like a long time ago now but I will never forget that lovely day and I hope I will be back to that beautiful island again soon! in this selection of photographs you can see the forest as well as the sea. I took the last two before heading back to Helsinki in the evening on our little ferry: those stormy clouds were very impressive!
Kaunissaari - the beautiful island:

Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
this will be my last post here for a while. at the moment I am in Italy to spend some time with my family and next week we will depart for a hiking adventure in a remote place on the Alps. there will not be any internet connection nor phone signal but time to explore and photograph. I am going to tell you more about it when I come back: see you in a couple of weeks!

09 July 2014

kaunissaari part V.

at the southernmost part of the island we found a spot where the view of the sea was particularly fascinating: there the wind was very strong and the water more agitated so that everything seemed somehow wilder. what I loved the most were the rocks: very moon-like in my opinion!
Kaunissaari - the beautiful island:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
if you look closely at my hat in the second photograph you can perhaps have a sense of how strong the wind was - that image was a courtesy of Jacopo of course. we encountered that lovely family of swans when we finally arrived to a more sheltered area: they looked so peaceful in their little green pond!

06 July 2014

kaunissaari part IV.

Kaunissaari is not a big island but it took us a long time to circle around it: in truth we stopped every few steps to take photographs. I was really fascinated by the greens and blues of the landscape - between the forest and the sea - and the rapid weather change made it look even more scenic.
Kaunissaari - the beautiful island:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
on one side of the island that was protected by the wind we ended up in a small bay where the water was mirror-like: it looked like a magnificent sea of clouds. that was when I took the first and the second photograph of this post: the one with Jacopo is my favourite.

03 July 2014

kaunissaari part III.

July is now here and hopefully Finland will finally see some more sunshine! that day when we eventually reached Kaunissaari the sky was already getting cloudy and it rained a lot later in the afternoon. fortunately Jacopo and I managed to take a walk around the entire island before the rain started and that was when I took the most of my photographs.
Kaunissaari - the beautiful island:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
clouds can be very fascinating: I took a few more shots of the cloudy sky later that day and I am going to share them in my next posts dedicated to Kaunissaari. the yellow house in the third photograph was a restaurant: I really liked the way it looked with all those flowers growing in front of it!