22 August 2010

kuuluisa korkeasaari.

✻ helsingissa.

the past few days were perfect to re-visit some of our favourite places: the design museum - where there was an expo dedicated to Oiva Toikka, and the notorious korkeasaari zoo.

♡ Jacopo and I made two owls necklaces for eachother.

weekend second hand and fleamarket shopping resulted in some precious findings such as this little wooden table for breakfast and more:

this jacket perfect for autumn and this 70's school bag:
P.S. my school is starting tomorrow!

19 August 2010

KOIVU serie.

*BIRCH serie.
the peace of nature at the mökki gave out the right inspiration for a new work.
© Polly Bird + Elias Harja

polaroid SX 70 colorshade

kodak portra 120
❝BIRCH DRESS❞ © Polly and Jacopo.

matka pohjoiseen.

✻ travelling north.
Jacopo and I spent a week with his grandparents.
we had a beautiful time at their mökki - the traditional finnish summerhouse - then we travelled to Oulu, where Jacopo was born in the very north of Finland.

♡ on the way to the mökki we stopped in Seinäjoki to see Miia.

what you do at a mökki is go to pick up blue berries in the forest, go by boat, do lots of sauna and swimming.
we also took plenty of photographs with my agfa clack and some polaroids SX 70.

♡ it is always so lovely when we see Ukki and Mummi: they are extremely sweet and they gifted us with such useful stuff for the house in Helsinki! - above all a beautiful design carpet.
Thank you Matti and Kyllikki!

Oulu - this polaroid is so special to me because it represents what it could be one of my dream houses of all times... and guess what? it's for sale!

09 August 2010

residence permit.

today was the day when I got my residence permit!

✻ the "passin kuva" - which is infact the ID photo - cost 20 euros for a total of four copies, so I hope you like it. Jacopo and I waited for more than two hours at the police station to get my paper signed. and I also got a library card, but that was of course in the library.

PX 70: Jacopo at the seaside here in vuosaari.

today was also the day when I got my second post in harustie: a letter full of surprises from my dear Amanda.

07 August 2010

kodin rakennusohjeet.

home building instructions.

♡ the 5th of august was a very long day: me and Jacopo built a new nest.

Helsinki's flea markets are the best way to fournish and decorate your home!

Kultani got me my very first Aalto's vase and this beautiful light meter!
P.S. I used Poladroid to make these few snapshots "more fancy".

PX 70.

PX 70 color shade.

✻ this is the first thing me and Jacopo got in the post here in Helsinki.

♥ the new PX 70 seem to be way better than the PX 100 silver shade.
Jacopo took this first one down at the harbour: there was a beautiful old vessel from Norway there for a ships exhibition.
we are planning to take plenty more: I have great expectation about this film!

✻ this is one of the PX 100's instead: it's me in my newly furnished bedroom.