25 January 2010


this is a special preview of my portfolio*
what do you think?
[a few more images are missing because they can't be published yet.]
*second step to the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

23 January 2010

feathered biped.

I would like to say a very special "thank you" a few times.
[in no particoular order*]
thanks to marco.thanks to matteo.thanks to jacopo.thanks to my grandmother and thanks to silja.thanks to silvia and sara.thanks to vanessa.so much love to you all.

22 January 2010


Timo became another best friend of mine.
he is a baby rabbit that looks more like a wild hare, which I found extremely adorable. he didn't want to stay still while I was taking these photos, but he was running around the whole house.
Timo and Jaarmo make me happy.

21 January 2010

miroslav tichý.

on my bookshelf:
I've always found Miroslav Tichý's work so inspiring and interesting, that when I saw this book today I couldn't keep myself from buying it.

15 January 2010

buon compleanno polly.

B I R D - D A Y .
today it's my birthday.
and it's my twin sister's birthday.
*I have prepared a little surprise for her.

14 January 2010

hyvää syntymäpäivää.

the day before my birthday...
I got this lovely birthday card from Miia!
I like the fact that it's all in finnish. and I like owls very much.
also, she sent me and emi - it's her birthday tomorrow too of course - two fazer moomins lollipops (kaksi karamellia): pikky myy and nuuskamuikkunen! I know I should eat them tomorrow, but they're just too cute and I'd like to keep them.

09 January 2010

schneider kreuznach comparon 4.5/75mm.

jacopo gifted me with a lens to print 120mm film: such a magnificent present!

testing my brand new schneider kreuznach comparon 4.5/75mm.
I wasn't printing proper black and white 120mm since school time, and 35mm wasn't enough for me.
today I took out my beloved mamiya rb67 and shoot some *Betulaceae.

08 January 2010

little things.

Saskia, a special friend of mine, sent me and my sister lovely little things.
she sent me two finnish books for kids and she wrote a few words that warmed my heart.

"for the bird that wants to go abroad."