30 September 2011

sunday in turku.

last week Jacopo and I decided to go to Turku. we had never been there before - even if it takes only a couple of hours by train to get there from Helsinki.
photographs from Turku
✻ even though most of the buildings were modern and new - I preferred the old and colourful wooden houses.
✻ I liked the fact that all the electricity boxes were painted - just like this one.
✻ my favourite place of the city was definitely the castle - we spent there the whole morning and I never got tired of exploring it.
✻ there were many ships at the harbour - I like the fact that this one is called "Swan of Finland".
this house looked abandoned - there was a strange feeling on that ill over the city.
✻ along the river there were boats and various art pieces - I loved that iron bear/seal eating a fish.
✻ I had to photograph this old tram - it is a Valio ice-cream kiosk.
the trip to Turku was very pleasant: we also had the chance to meet a couple of dear friends - but I still think about Helsinki as the best city of finland.

29 September 2011

for the forest.

last friday I took a trip to the forest of Pirttimäki - with a few friends from my university department. I couldn't bring myself to stop photographing the beauty of nature around me. I don't think words could describe the intensity of a walk in the forest: I am only going to share some photographs - now that the film roll has finally been developed.
a celebration of the forest
P.S. I picked up mushrooms for the first time and that evening I had the best pappardelle ai funghi ever!

28 September 2011

letters of september.

I have collected the lovely postcards and letters which were sent to me this month - the latest came today.
thank you for writing to me!
Joey sent me these beautiful Peter Rabbit's images.
♡ from Annika and Andrea. we went to visit them in Turku last weekend - I will post about Turku soon!

♡ from Emi - who has sent a wonderful variety of dried fruit snacks along with her letter.
I am never tired of receiving letters and writing back - I cannot wait to get more in the post box!

17 September 2011

what I liked about london.

my few days in London with Jacopo went by quite fast - there wasn't enough time to visit all the places we would have liked to visit. London was far more big and far more chaotic than I had remembered it - still it held a peculiar feeling that intrigued me and inspired me once again.
8 photographs/8 things that I liked about London in no particular order:
✻ red brick victorian houses.
✻ the Tate Modern.
✻ the animals in St James's park.
✻ historical buildings such as the Tower of London.
✻ english gardens which reminded me of the countryside.
✻ the english weather.
✻ the unbelievable varieties of twinings herbal infusions.
✻ iconic buildings such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge.
next time I visit england I would rather go for a trip in the countryside - I certainly would not miss the enormous amount of people nor the complicated and suffocating underground trains system.

16 September 2011

foraging and gardening in the city.

foraging and gardening in the city has been the first workshop I have attended to in TAIK - since the start of this autumn semester. it was a truly intense and inspiring experience - which lasted a whole week.
photographs from the workshop week:
we had spent our days biking around Helsinki - looking for fruits and vegetables growing in public spaces and visiting gardens within the city area. at the end of the week each one of the workshop participants had to prepare a small intervention inspired by what we saw and talked about.
my intervention is Basket of Flowers:
✻ I have collected branches fallen from trees and prepared some flowers to decorate one of the busiest spot in the city of Helsinki. Basket of Flowers was in Unioninkatu for a little less than a week - until somebody took it away. I hope I had given to somebody a pleasing taste of Nature in the city.
in Gallery Atski - 8th floor in TAIK - there is a small exhibition documenting all the intervention works related to the foraging and gardening in the city workshop. you have time to go and see it until the 30th of september!

polly's thread.

Polly's Thread is a new personal project related to the concept of Home.
episode one
wondering about the concept of Home and the relationship between what I consider Home and the cityscapes where I usually move around - thinking about possible different paths to walk from home to somewhere and from somewhere back home.
✻ video and photographs © Jacopo.
this is a long term project - more episodes to come in the following months!