29 October 2011

more darkrooming.

there is nothing better than spending the whole saturday in the darkroom with Jacopo. I have printed some portraits we took with my Mamiya rb67. he had successfully modified the film back to shoot full frame: the result are some wonderfully squared photographs.
• delta 400 ilford - enjoy:
✻ I did not want to polish the dust away from my scanner: I like the effect it makes on my images.
I adore high contrast in black & white photographs - therefore I am in need of a new set of filters for my enlarger - as my current ones are really worn out.
P.S. Jacopo took 3 portraits of me: I cannot decide which one I like the most. which one do you prefer?


  1. ombrenelcielo29.10.11

    I like them all (:
    and thanks for the portrait of mine: it is pretty (:

    I need to blog the pictures from Paris today!

  2. you absolutely should! they are beautiful!

  3. i really like the kissing picture best! but all the portraits r cool too! i cant choose...

  4. oh wow polly! these are stunningly beautiful!
    the light in #3 gives it such an ethereal feel... but i adore the last one equally. the background is just too lovely.
    jacopo's portrait is beautiful as well...
    this is probably the best set oh photographs i've seen in awhile!

  5. BEAUTIFUL serie !!!!

  6. thank you so much Amanda, Joana and Alice :-)

  7. polly can you send me your address to my email? i'd love to send you a little letter and be mail buddies :)

  8. Davvero bellissime queste foto! Il bianco e nero analogico รจ proprio un'altra cosa :)

  9. I love the first portrait the most.
    There is another atmosphere than the other 2 , in the last 2 , also very beautiful but there's is a
    immediate sphere, and i love more the haze and not directly in a picture :)
    you've also got the 'feeling' on a picture !

  10. thanks everyone for the lovely comments :-) I am still in the process of choosing my favourite between the portraits...

  11. Oh lovely set ! Love high contrasts in the black & white pictures too and here it's beautiful. I like the 3 portraits... difficult to choose... Maybe the first :)

  12. thank you!
    it seems like the first of the three is the most favourite of all :-)