30 April 2011

pulloviesti kokoelma itämereltä pt1.

Pulloviesti Kokoelma Itämereltä is nearly ready! ♡ I want to thank Jacopo for his fundamental help.

• phase 3 - mapping of the bottles on Harakansaari - handcrafted postcards.

• phase 4 - documenting of the bottles in their own environment.
the next step is going to be setting up Pulloviesti Kokoelma Itämereltä for the collective exhibition dedicated to the Baltic Sea - Tarinoita Itämerestä // Stories from the Baltic Sea.

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28 April 2011

newspaper cuts.

♡ the start of a special collection.

feat. the seal who swam to Vuosaari, the owls family living in the city centre, the frogs hanging out in the sun.

25 April 2011

matka pohjoiseen #4.

for the first time ever we decided to rent a car and travel across Finland
- to get from Helsinki to Oulu.
♡ photographs taken along the way

during our 8-hours-journey - we came across beautiful forests, huge fields with wooden cottages and hundreds of lakes.

we have stopped many times to take photographs - since we carried many cameras along with us.

in Oulu we went biking everyday and did other lovely outdoor things - all the snow had melted and the weather was beautiful.

it was one of the best journeys I have ever had - not to mention that I have also found a beautiful feather.

do you know to which bird it belonged?
P.S. if you would like to see all the other photographs we have taken and hear more stories about our journey... come to visit me and Jacopo!

18 April 2011

kevät kevät kevät.

it seems like SPRING is all I am talking about these days - but you cannot understand its healing effect unless you had just been through real winter.
♡ polaroids of a finnish spring day:

a seagull agrees to pose for me.

Maisa is wearing flowers again.

it is warm as the first time we met.

we can sit outside to watch the sky.

it is time for ice-cream's van again.

Jacopo and I go for many walks.

the ice on the sea has now melted.

the sun sets at 8.45 p.m.
✻ I hope you were able to sense some finnish spring - it is one of the most amazing things I have ever felt.

16 April 2011

things that I like #2.

I would like to share some special things that have made me happy lately.
winter has turned into real spring!

♥ a children's magazine that celebrates spring - from Jacopo.

♥ a letter from dear Miia.

♥ a wonderful marimekko fabric from Jacopo - to make a spring scarf.

♥ spring leggings - weekday vintage.

interesting looking shoes - uff.

07 April 2011

old finnish books #2.

when you are looking for a new home you may find an old book store that you have never seen before - that is what happened to me and Jacopo today.
"Kani Andersson matkustaa"

♡ I have finally found this old children's book that I have been looking for since march!

♡ I have also found an old book about Korkeasaari zoo with beautiful black and white images!

the baltic sea #2.

my art work for the Baltic Sea is eventually taking its shape.
Pulloviesti Kokoelma Itämereltä

phase 1 - collecting glass bottles.

phase 2 - collecting "messages" from the seashore [in progress].
✻ "Collection of Bottle-messages from the Baltic Sea" - more to come soon as the snow is slowly melting.
Harakan Saari

photos I took during my first trip to Harakka - where "Tarinoita Itämerestä" exhibition will take place in may.