29 June 2012

100 feeders (15).

I am happy to announce that I have just got the first three postcards of 100 FEEDERS sent back to me - this morning I went to pick them up at my studio.
the first three postcards:

✻ from Belgium

✻ from Helsinki

✻ from U.S.A.
I am pleasantly surprised that two postcards from abroad were between the first ones to be sent back: when people living outside Finland came to the 1st Feeders Giveaway I was reluctant to give them a feeder - I am glad that they kept their promise to send their postcards with a suitable stamp. I hope that more postcards will be sent soon: I cannot wait to read more of people's opinions - I wonder what the person from the States meant with a blank postcard though.
P.S. tomorrow the 2nd Feeders Giveaway will be held at Hietalahden Kirpputori in Helsinki. 22 feeders are left to be given away: come around to pick up your favourite!

26 June 2012


we spent Juhannus at Jacopo's family's kesämökki: the weather was beautiful and the sun was never setting. this morning I got the film roll developed: looking at the photos - I wish we were still there.
diana mini - kodak portra 160 nc:

✻ I even made myself a floral crown.

✻ we discovered that my diana mini works with Jacopo's fisheye lens too.
I hope you had a lovely midsummer - mine was one of the best I have ever spent!

25 June 2012

music on monday.

it has been a while that every monday I write about music on Le Ombre Nel Cielo: since January I have featured many singer-songwriters and bands among my favourite artists. today I would like to share here five of my absolute favourite artists among those I have written about.
top 5 artists on Le Ombre Nel Cielo:

The Bony King of Nowhere
First Aid Kit

Pascal Pinon

I am Oak
every monday I try to share something special - hoping that my article will be a way for someone to discover new music.
if you like my music selection - please follow Le Ombre Nel Cielo!

20 June 2012

the bicycle trip.

last saturday the weather was fantastic: the perfect day for a bicycle trip. the plan was to reach Nuuksio National Park but we only ended up on the shores of Lake Bodom - my beloved Kombi couldn't possibly keep up with Jacopo's Bianchi.
12 photographs from the bicycle trip:

diana mini - portra 160 nc.
♥ it was also the perfect summer day for me to enjoy Jacopo's magnificent surprise present: that pretty baby elephant bag.
have a beautiful midsummer week: I am going to spend Juhannus at the mökki!

16 June 2012

some photographs from last week.

these photographs are from the same film roll of those I took in Kumpula. last week Kasia's friends were visiting Helsinki from Poland - we went around the city together and had a great time.
diana mini - kodak portra 160 nc

✻ some photographs from Seurasaari - where we went to feed birds and some from Vuosaari - where Kasia lives.
now Kasia has already left for Warsaw: I will miss her a lot. I cannot wait for my friends to be back in Helsinki - but I am enjoying the summer season with Jacopo and my friends that will stay in Finland!

15 June 2012

a surprise from miia.

this morning the postman rang my bell: a big packet has arrived from Seinäjoki - so big that I had to scan it in parts.
a surprise from Miia:
✻ an estonian bird voices record from 1970's - I really need to get my record player sent over from Milano!
many thanks to Miia: she always sends the most beautiful surprises wrapped up in the most beautiful handmade packages.
P.S. some other beautiful birdish surprises from the past few days:
✻ from Kasia and Asia
✻ from Anne
♥ thank you very much my dear friends!