28 May 2011

things that I like #3.

when Kasia and Joanna have gone back to Poland - they left some sweet things behind:
I hope to see them really soon!
I got a lovely gift from Frances:
♡ I will use these tiny envelopes to send out our new home address!
Jacopo came back from work with a delicious surprise for me:
♡ these herbal infusion are so good that we drink at least two cups a day!

26 May 2011

newspaper cuts 4.

one more snippets-post for may:

• it seems like there are less rabbits around the city compared to last spring? anyhow a week ago I have met a rabbit myself going for an evening walk with Jacopo - it was beautiful and it made me think about my sweet Timo.

• the baby owls keep on living in the city centre - everyday they are up to something funny.

• a squirrel eating a banana in Lauttasaari looks quite exotic - obviously not because of the squirrel but because of the banana.

• this snippet is not about Helsinki - but still about animals. a group of sheeps is rescued from the ash cloud after the Grímsvötn volcano eruption in Iceland.
I have placed all the snippets that I have collected so far in an envelope - but I am hoping to find an interesting looking tin box for them in Valtteri.

24 May 2011

vermeer pinhole.

hand crafted large format pinhole camera. limited edition. third series. camera 4/15.

at last my big format pinhole camera has arrived from Poland - I cannot wait to start shooting with it!
thank you Jacopo for taking these beautiful photographs of me.

22 May 2011


I have spent a lovely sunny weekend - I would like to share some photos with you.

✻ Jacopo and I went to Korkeasaari zoo with Kasia and Joanna.

✻ at the opening of Container Square in Kalasatama we baked pizzas and we built up a kite.

✻ we went to Harakka Island with Maisa and met the BALTIC SEA MONSTER.

14 May 2011

newspaper cuts 3.

a few more newspaper cuts or snippets - as a friend of mine suggested me.

• photo of the baby owl in Kamppi.

sad snippet about a bear who died at wildlife park in Ranua.

• last couple of winters were hard for hedgehogs - it is recommended to leave some food for them.
✻ ✻ ✻
we keep on feeding birds and squirrels! it is a pleasure to see them coming every morning so numerous to get their seeds and nuts. hopefully we will be able to meet some hedgehogs too and feed them as the newspaper suggested.

• two polaroids of a red squirrel eating nuts on our balcony.

valtteri 02.

interesting old photographs I have picked up at the flea market this morning. the table of the old man with postcards and photographs never lets me down.

✻ it is wonderful to play the accordion on a small white boat.

✻ whatever this snow construction is - it looks funny and brilliant.

✻ this lady with books reminds me of my grandma - she looks smart.

✻ this may be my favourite photograph of today.

a couple of postcards that Jacopo gifted me with - they are both christmas postcards but we don't really care as the animal prints are lovely any time of the year.
when you haven't been in Valtteri for a long time it is always good to go back. I have also found a sweet printed shirt and a pair of vintage mocassins shoes.