31 December 2011

end of 2011.

my top 10 artists of 2011.

Joose Keskitalo

Belle & Sebastian

♥ song: if you're feeling sinister


♥ song: animal arithmetic

Paula & Karol

♥ song: house into a home

Ane Brun

♥ song: changing of the seasons

Patrick Wolf

♥ song: wind in the wires

Kings of Convenience

♥ song: homesick

Yann Tiersen

♥ song: les jours tristes

Emilíana Torrini

♥ song: heart stopper

The Bony King of Nowhere

♥ song: the garden
I hope you had a lot of nice music in your 2011 too - have a beautiful 2012 full of happy feelings and love!♥ ♥ ♥

26 December 2011

filmini 02.

my dad has saved for me a box full of old film rolls - from the same school where he got the previous ones. the box contains 154 film rolls, 7 packets of dia films and 6 super8 rolls about history, geography, science and more. I have scanned some frames of my favourites and stored the precious box in my room.
✻ frames from Gli Animali del Bosco

✻ frames from Gli Uccelli

✻ frames from Pesci più Comuni

✻ frames from Animali in una Fattoria

✻ frames from Gli Animali Domestici

I love the scratches and the pale colours: these film rolls are beautiful.
♥ grazie papà!

25 December 2011

merry christmas.

I hope you all had a happy christmas!
like every christmas I have started my day by opening presents and cards: reading all those notes and looking at my friend's gifts have made my heart warmer.

some cards to share the happiness:

♥ from Emi

♥ from Kasia

♥ from Anne

♥ from Jacopo

♥ from Annika & Andrea

♥ from Luca & Paul

♥ from Sylvie

♥ from Viola
thank you so much my friends!

24 December 2011

family time.

christmas time has always been family time for me. this year will be different since both my grandmas are no longer with us - but that doesn't mean I will forget them. being at my parents house these days - I have been looking for more old family photographs and I have found some I have never seen before.

• nonna Ebe and nonno Dino in their beautiful garden:

these pictures were all taken by my dad in 1968 - when he was 18 years old.

• nonna Ebe and nonno Dino's home with my dad's first car:

the first of the batch is a blow up - the others were still taken in 1968 but with a different camera.

• my dad as a boy:

two of the best photos I have ever found of my dad - in my opinion.

the ones I have uploaded here are just a few of the photographs I have found: I have many more to look at during my family Christmas time.
♥ Christmas with my family is one of the best time of the year - I hope you are having a lovely family Christmas time too!

19 December 2011

darkroom process.

in my sister's apartment I have found a couple of 35mm film rolls I had taken a few years ago - dedicated to darkroom processing. It is interesting to have a re-look at them: I thought about scanning the negatives to share some photographs.

Piccoli Dettagli al Buio

I love the grain of 3200 iso film.

I wish I had a film scanner in Helsinki too - even though darkroom printing is way better than scanning. for this christmas holidays I have got a black and white roll in my nikon - to be processed when I'll fly back to Finland.