30 May 2010

''summer snapshots.

I have been a bad blogger lately, but I have decided to share with you some of the photos we took as the summer has finally started.
the brownish/sepia ones are PX 100's, while the colour ones are fujis fp100 and polaroids 125i. they have no pretentious artistic purpose: we just wanted to document a bit of the lovely time we are having.

✼ Milano is more than 25° hot these days.

Jacopo and I spent the weekend outside town and we visited some places I used to love when I was a little girl, like Villa Carlotta on Lake Como.

Timo came along so he had the chance to run free into the wild: doesn't he look lovely?
I also wanted to mention that on thursday I got the official letter from aalto university TAIK: I am moving to helsinki in august and my master course will start in early september.

{process to find a home in helsinki begins!}

21 May 2010


✻ time for some finnish specialties!

Jacopo and I wanted to bake some voipulla.
you can find the recipe here in finnish.

after a hard working afternoon, the result was quite good [not as good as the ones Jacopo's grandma bakes].

hyvää ruokahalua!

15 May 2010

sulla mia famiglia.

about my family*
I am staying with my mam and dad for a few days. they are rearranging my grandma's house and they have found some precious letters and photographs that I had never seen before.

nonna worked in different hotels: when she was young she worked in switzerland, that is why she was studying german.

• I didn't know my dad played the saxophone and I don't have many memories about my grandfather, since he died when I was so young - but I know he loved animals.

♡ these are the prettiest passport photos ever of my grandma ebe: she is just so beautiful, with or without make-up.

• most of these polaroids were taken by my dad: I was so happy when I found them because you can see my grandma's garden so well. the garden was so beautiful. and I love her riding her bike. it was summer 1968, but my grandma looked the same until she got ill, almost fifteen years ago.

• these two look like they could be the most recent ones. I love my dad's yellow shirt, and the decorations of the garden: they were the same for so many years, as I recall.
I am going to add these photos to my family photo album and treasure them forever. I believe my grandma's spirit still lives next to the roses of her garden, and that's what makes them so special.

09 May 2010


curix RP1 agfa-gevaert
me and jacopo found out about an abandoned psychiatric hospital building that apparently was possible to enter and visit: we decided to drive there yesterday. the hospital was formed by many buildings and getting into it wasn't that easy, but we came back home with a very special souvenir: a full packet of x-rays exams taken to a few patients in 1979. we spent the rest of the afternoon in the darkroom printing the RX's and the result is quite impressive.
watch the whole serie here!
RX ????/???RX 8987/1076/205ARX 8583/203RX 7851/202
© I am glad I worked on something that time would have cancelled otherwise. I hope you will appreciate RX serie as much as I do.

05 May 2010

aalto university school of art and design.

You have been accepted to MA Program of Environmental Art at the Aalto University/ School of Art and Design Helsinki.
eventually, THE email has arrived. my dream is coming true: it is only a matter of time and I will be officially a student in TAIK.
✈ ✈ ✈

✻ my special bag project.
P.S. I was waiting for so long to know my result that I don't even know how to put down into words my extraordinary feeling of happiness and self-realization. BUT I am preparing something to celebrate all of this my own way: this home made paper wing will be part of it [...]
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