26 September 2010

♡ photodiary.

I want to share some photos I have taken over the past few weeks.

✻ the black and white shots are ilford sfx100 and the colour shots are fuji fp100.

lots of talitiainen, many varppunen and also a little sinitiainen are taking over the food balls on my windows: less than two weeks ago me and Jacopo bought a bucket of 60 food balls and there are only 20 left now!

I have spent the most wonderful days with Jacopo beside me: Helsinki was much more beautiful too.

✻ I took this in a special place near Seinäjoki: it's the site for one of the workshops I have joined in school... but I don't want to tell about it yet.

we visited some places we had never seen before in the city and we had our first night out at Orion Cinema: the best "alternative" cinema of Helsinki.

we went back to kaunis Suomenlinna.

✻ check out the jackets me and Jacopo are wearing: both Valtteri flea market findings!

PX70 didn't work out so good this time - it must be the weather that is getting colder - but Jacopo took his video camera around and I may be sharing some videos later.
once again it was very hard to watch my Jacopo depart on the 615 to vantaa airport earlier on today, but I don't want to tell about this - instead I want to tell you two good news:
I am going to visit him and my family in italy for a weekend in october!
we have applied for a family appartment through HOAS and we are now waiting for their response!

24 September 2010

a letter a day.

keeps the doctor away.
since I have moved to Finland I have started receving almost a letter each day and I think this is simply beautiful. TAIK keeps me busier than I could expect but I promise I will eventually write back with love.

✻ from Frances - she always travels the furthest.

✻ Emi had never written so many letters before.

✻ from Luciana - my dear old neighbor is keeping her promise to send me her collection of Milano postcards in the 80's.

18 September 2010

lettera #2.

second letter from Jacopo.

✻ this new beautiful envelope is going to be the second piece of our "love-letter-courtain": let the sewing time begin!

handmade postcards from one of our favourite museums in milano.

marimekko pattern postcards.

✻ Jacopo pattern postcard!

weekend time with Jacopo begins now.
have yourself a lovely weekend!

16 September 2010

aurinko paista.

the sun is shining on Helsinki: my Jacopo is here. I don't want to miss a single minute with him.
✻ I wanted to thank Emi for her beautiful letter with surprises.
I miss her alot.

thank you Sylvie for your lovely thoughts!

✻ thank you to Francesco and Mauro for this wonderful collection of vintage postcards of birds!

✻ thank you Silja for your gift and especially for giving Jacopo the "permission" to stay with me for a while.
I am so flattered and I feel so adored. thank you all!

13 September 2010

*I am what is around me.

Finland makes me feel the real essence of autumn and its colours.

the ground is everyday more covered in leaves falling of the birch trees.

I have started collecting different sizes of birch leaves with a new idea/project in mind. at the moment, I collect a few of them every second day and store them first in a book and then in a paper box.

♡ today I got another letter from my mam- once again with a few supporting words noted down on a piece of paper.
✻ ✻ ✻

within this week mostly all my theory courses will start. today I attended the first Aesthetics lesson and I got my first book at the school library. tomorrow is Environmental Art Backgrounds turn.