29 January 2011


this morning I decided to go to Valtteri kirpputori with my friends - it was the first saturday at the fleamarket since november and I was in the right mood to find old memorabilia.
old finnish match box with still matches inside - notice the beautiful birds image - 20 cents.

✻ three peculiar and beautiful old postcards - 1 euro.

✻ set of muumit water tattoos - 50 cents.

shopping bag with kangaroos - 2 euros.

✻ warm parka with hood in perfect size and very good condition - 5 euros.

I love Helsinki - best city ever for second hand shopping and much more.

27 January 2011

lettera #5.

♡ 5th letter from Jacopo.
actually this should have been letter number 6 - unfortunately though the real 5th letter was sent in early december but never delivered to me.
this is a late birthday letter but full of lovely surprises!

✻ notice the blue ribbon on the envelope.

Jacopo as a baby in finland.

a finnish book for kids with beautiful images and easy text to improve my suomi.

✻ the white treasure box is hand made - the yellow candies are made with honey and the bags are full of bio camomille flowers.

"Teille on isokokoinen kirje."
I thought about sharing this postcard since I got it in the mail with Jacopo's lettercode for me to go and pick it up in Vuosaari post office - letter #5 was too big for my mailbox but it was totally worth the effort. GRAZIE JACOPO ♡

26 January 2011


"the luggage" project was born in december - related to a possible group exhibition along with other environmental artists in TAIK.

the idea behind it is to create and represent an inner and complex world inside a relatively small space like a hand luggage. the constant flow of everyday life - the continuos moving from a place to another makes the matkalaukku something even more precious and dear: what will I decide to bring along? what will I collect during my journey? this small box with handles carries not only material stuff but especially memories, sensations and new ideas.
sneak peek of my matkalaukku:

the photographs and letter pages are what I have carried along and collected for the past few years - from left to right city landscapes and people give place to the nature landscapes and ocean pieces. what do people mean to me? what does nature mean instead?

the human birch trees stay for the symbolical metamorphosis of a mind influenced by the new natural landscape. is finland the metamorphosis place?

✻ the transparent envelopes contain different pieces of nature which I have been collecting during my first months here. there are dried leaves, berries, melted snow and other symbolical memories of the nature surrounding me. what will I collect next?

story of the collected pieces:

♡ video editing and pollybalitro.com updates are a courtesy of Jacopo.

15 January 2011

bird day.

I have recieved much love by mail and I have spent the day with my dearest Kasia and Maisa.
happy birthday to me.

Emi sent me some surprises along with this lovely card: a yellow-senap nailpolish and woolen leggings.
I wish she was here to spend our birthday together.

mamma and papà sent a letter with surprises too.

Miia posted me this amazing Pikku Myy foulard.

Kasia printed a portrait that she took of me with her fantastic horizon camera.
despite the fact my family and Jacopo wasn't here with me - I have spent a beautiful birthday day: Helsinki was cold and bright and the snow was shining like million crystals.

13 January 2011

it's all in your mind.

I am bird but I cannot fly.

I am experiencing a phase of my life where I cannot just do anything alone. everyday life has suddenly become so hard to live like I did before. As soon as I am leaving home and I find myself in a place where I realize I am alone I get scared and I feel a strong impulse of running away. Catching the metro train to the city has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I can only feel relieved when I am next to somebody that I can talk to. I can only feel relieved when I am walking outside and I feel the presence of the nature around me. I know it's all in my mind but can somebody please tell me how to make it go away from there?
TAMMIKUU means january in finnish - which means on saturday I am going to turn 24.

06 January 2011


PX PUSH just arrived by mail.

✻ I can't wait for sunny days to try this new Impossible film.

♡ since we love to use polaroid film and all other types of instant film - Jacopo and I have recently opened a tumblr where to collect all our favourite instant shots.

vacanze italiane.

I have spent new years eve and the first days of 2011 with Jacopo, my dad, my mam and Emi.

I have cherished every moment.
I have also spent many lovely days with Jacopo: we went to visit various small towns outside Milano and took some photos.
✻ the abandoned town of Balestrino:

lots of darkroom time!

♡ list of lovely random things during my holidays • christmas gifts with love • the great amount of sweets • the snowman panettone • il trenino rosso • time with Timo • dinner with dear Hannes and Yasin • the special salmon soup • new years eve with my family • Jacopo next to me ♡
my "italian holidays" were beautiful and I am glad to go back to Helsinki with such lovely memories in my heart.