28 December 2010

il trenino rosso.

♡ time with my family is a bless.
yesterday we took a magic tour through the alps by the little red train.

Jacopo took his land camera.

the journey was a beautiful visual experience. I have chosen a 1990's style postcard to remember it.

I hope you all had a very merry christmas!

20 December 2010

♡ darkroom.

one good thing about being back in milano for a few days is to be able to do some DARKROOM works finally.
I have missed my darkroom equipment so much!

some prints of fuji fp-100 negatives of various moments in helsinki. do you remember the positive of each one?2011 goal: find a way to bring all the darkroom equipment in finland.

16 December 2010

snapshots and more.

christmas is almost here: tomorrow I am taking a plane to visit my family and spend sometime together. I have spent the past few days with Jacopo - visiting some of our favourite sites here in Helsinki.
some snapshots - kodak portra 400.


sealife - our first time at the Helsinki aquarium.

✻ I wish me and Jacopo could get done more photos of us together.
we finally went to seurasaari today to feed some birds.
lovely christmas letter from Miia

P.S. I have spent an absolutely lovely Pikku Joulu with Wensi and Jacopo last night - it made me really happy ♡

10 December 2010

kynäpussi ja piparitalo.

I got mail today - despite the 50cm plus of snow everything works here.
♡ from Joey

♡ my special handmade pencil case

my pencil case came with a christmas postcard. it is a present from Ukki and Mummi. Jacopo got his own pencil case done from the same artist when he was a little kid in Oulu.
I also sent mail today.
then me and Jacopo decided to prepare our first MUUMI PIPARITALO.

I hope you enjoy the video about the house-making. my heart is full of love.

08 December 2010

matka pohjoiseen #2.

❅ travelling north part two.
I have spent a magic weekend in the great north with Jacopo and his family. despite the two hours of light and the cold - we have made the most of our journey. the atmosphere was absolutely worth experiencing.
✻ some prints of fp 100c negatives.

crossing a frost lake is something that a few months ago I would have just been able to dream about - the sound of my steps on the snow was music to me.
✻ video related to a project I am working on.

[soundtrack for the video is "Popplagið" by Sigur Ros]

✻ scans from an awesome children book about the forest.

02 December 2010


in finland december is literally the month of christmas. besides the generous amount of school work I have to do - I am enjoying the white cold winter so much! Jacopo and I just got a film roll PRO H 400 developed and I would like to share the magic of the past few days here.
❄ a morning walk in white Rastila.

❄ Jacopo polished the negative of the second fuji fp100 and we got it print - the result is amazing to me.

❄ my bird friends in the snow and a new lovely visitor.

❄ it is easier to appreciate the sun when you get it just for a few hours.
Jacopo and I are going to travel north tomorrow: Oulu here we come!