30 April 2012

first weekend in ullanlinna.

we have spent most of the weekend moving our things from Kruununhaka to Ullanlinna - and we are not done yet. moving out takes a lot of energy - but we are almost settled here: the neighborhood looks like a picturesque riviera and the sunshine makes it even more pleasant. eventually we took a moment to walk around on sunday afternoon: I took a special camera along.
Instax 210 - photos from the weekend:

• a view of our neighborhood • Harakka Island from KaivopuistoLuoto Island with Restaurant Saaristo • the Helsinki Boat in Kauppatori • another view of our neighborhood • myself in the new apartment
I cannot wait to get over with the moving out issues and explore Ullanlinna more!

26 April 2012

picnic 03.

this is where you should go on thursday the 3rd of may in Helsinki:

our art work PICNIC will be there!
I am going to share here a few snapshots I took yesterday - when we were finally assembling our piece at the Art House.
a sneak peek of PICNIC:

aren't you looking forward to see how PICNIC looks like? don't miss it!
tomorrow Essi, Myriam, Kristiina and I are going to transport PICNIC to the Kumpula Botanic Garden - to finally install it. I am not going to share any more photographs until the exhibition opening: all I can say is that some invasive plant species will also be involved with the installation. if you are curious you better show up on the opening day - if you aren't in Helsinki wait for my post after the 3rd of may!

25 April 2012

100 feeders (11).

this morning I have found a beautiful surprise on the door of my studio:

✻ a huge postcard with garden birds.
my friend Kaisa left it there: this lovely gift was exactly what I needed to start working on the remaining feeders.
the 11th and the 12th week of work:

today I have decorated them all!
last sunday Jacopo helped me drilling the holes on the back of each feeder - where to insert the string to install them. today I have finished decorating the remaining feeders and sprayed the varnish coat on them all. I am feeling so happy - but I still have a lot of work to do. next week I am going to cut each feeder on the front - where the birds eat the seeds from - and after that I am going to photograph them to create the postcards.
there is not much time before the exhibition: I will keep you posted!

24 April 2012

hello ullanlinna.

may is getting closer and something will drastically change: we are moving! our tiny nest in Kruununhaka is going under renovation for months - the building is so old that the whole plumbing and electricity system need to be changed.
we are saying goodbye to Kruununhaka and we are moving to Ullanlinna!

✻ Helsinki air reconnaissance - 1918

map of Helsinki - 1907

✻ view from google maps: A where we are now - B where we are moving.
living in Kruununhaka has been beautiful: I have learnt to see the city through a different perspective - to walk and to bike around and I have found places that I love. Kruununhaka is certainly one of the most fascinating neighborhoods in Helsinki: I am going to miss it a lot.
Hakaniementori - 1913:

✻ view of Kruunuhaka from Hakaniemi.
luckily though - Ullanlinna is not far from here and Helsinki is quite a small town: which means I won't really say goodbye to my favourite places and I will also find some new ones. Ullanlinna has all the characteristics I like: it is an old area and next to the sea - in the southern part of the city centre.
Ullanlinna - 1905:

Kaivopuisto - 1900:

view from Tähtintorninmäki:

Ullanlinna is next to two parks: Kaivopuisto and the Observatory Hill.
the new apartment will be still in an old building - this time though it will be bigger: I am going to take some photographs as soon as we are settled in!
Note: the photographs above are taken from the truly interesting flickr group Ennen Vanhaan and from the beautiful book Muistojen Helsingissä.

20 April 2012

glass blowing workshop 04.

today we had the 4th session in the glass studio: it was about time to concentrate on my Bee Hive. I first tried to work alone on one Bee Hive and the result was far from good - but with Harri's precious help the second one came out beautiful.
photographs - blowing the Bee Hives:

special thanks to Harri Piispanen (the glass workshop teacher) and Elina Piispanen (the studio master).
next thursday I will work on one more Bee Hive to eventually choose the best one to exhibit. Bee Hive aside - today I have experimented with optic molds too: it was one intense studio day!

19 April 2012

bird calls.

spring is here and birds are louder than ever - which brings so much joy to my heart. a couple of days ago I have got myself a cd with over 60 different bird calls: I want to be able to recognize many more birds by their sounds - plus I adore listening to the birds on my iPod.
I feel like sharing 10 bird calls:
♥ try to play all the videos at once: it feels like being in the woods!
• house sparrow • robin bird • blackbird • magpie • white-backed woodpecker • bullfinch • great tit • blue tit • coal tit • white wagtail
these are 10 birds that I have been encountering a lot in Finland: I hope you will enjoy their calls as much as I do!

16 April 2012

100 feeders (10).

for the first time since the start of april - last saturday I could dedicate a few hours to paint my feeders. I was hoping to get them all done in one afternoon - but some are still missing.
documenting the 10th week of work:

6 boxes still need to be painted to reach 100 - 14 more to complete the back up feeders.
I just wanted to reassure you that I haven't given up on my 100 feeders project: I will be working more on it in the next few weeks. I ♥ 100 feeders!

15 April 2012

picnic 02.

after some days of hard work - I would like to share some photographs of our process for the realization of PICNIC. Essi, Kristiina, Myriam and I have spent friday in the sculpture studio in TAIK and yesterday in the Aalto Art House working on some molds and casting them.
6 photographs from friday:

✻ making of the molds in TAIK.
6 photographs from saturday:

casting in Aalto Art House.
I am really happy to say that PICNIC is about to be ready - there are only a few more molds to be prepared and to cast. what a wonderful team work!