29 July 2011

polaroids of a journey.

Helsinki - Tampere - Oulu - Särkimö - Oulu - Kilpisjärvi - Tromsø - Oulu - Helsinki.
26 polaroids of the journey:
bed and breakfast near Tampere.
✻ in Kyllikki's garden - Oulu.
✻ at the summer house [mökki] in Särkimö - Ostrobothnia Pohjanmaa.
riding my bike in Oulu - will it be so easy to bike in Helsinki?
✻ images from Pohjois-Pohjanmaa and Lappi - on the way to Kilpisjärvi.
✻ I have never seen as many reindeers as I have during this trip - not to mention two moose calves.
✻ crossing the finnish border to reach Norway - from Kilpisjärvi.
night(less) time in the beautiful city of Tromsø.
✻ more images from Norway - where the ocean smells different from our Baltic Sea and where I have found shells and sea urchin's skeletons.
✻ on the way back to Finland.
✻ last day in Oulu - before driving back home to Helsinki.
I hope the photographs will be able to resume a little the magic of what I have seen. ♡ colours and smells and sounds of those places are going to be forever a source of inspiration for me!

21 July 2011

ciao nonna.

in the middle of my road trip to the north - I am stopping here for a moment.
I would like to say goodbye to grandma Mariuccia
I have written something for her today - my message lays in the beauty of finnish nature and I am sure she can read it from above.
I feel empty knowing that all my grandparents are gone. I keep the sweetest memories in my heart - there is no such affection like the one you feel for your grandparents!
thank you Emi for mailing me these beautiful photographs of my grandma.
ciao nonna ♥

13 July 2011

a letter from vanessa.

sometimes it is hard to be far from my family and friends - letters though make the distance less painful.
a letter from my dear Vanessa has finally arrived today!
it was resting at the post office for many days without any notice - but I have managed to track it and it was such a joy to finally pick it up.
she brought for me this beautiful paper cutter from Brazil - her home country.
I consider myself so lucky to have met Vanessa - almost by chance - more than one year ago. she is one of the most special friends to me and I wish she could live closer.
obrigado, my dear friend ♡

12 July 2011

silkscreen printing 2.

my silkscreen printing has been developing over the past few days.
❶ after birch trees forest t-shirt - I have decided to try to print onto different fabrics.
Jacopo suggested me the idea of printing also onto canvas bags - plus we decided to buy the colour red as an alternative to black.
finland - this is another simple stencil I have prepared to print.
❹ I have printed onto both normal-size canvas bags and cute mini ones [which can be useful to carry a bottle of water or a small camera].
❺ I have designed a simple logo to "sign" what I print.
❻ I like how the logo looks on different fabrics and colours.
the next colour I am going to try with is yellow - which has a different texture compared to black and red. I feel like I have still to practise and experiment a lot with silkscreen printing.

10 July 2011

miia visits helsinki.

Miia has spent the weekend here. I always enjoy her company and these two days were especially lovely.
photobooth - rautatieasema
besides taking one of the funniest photobooth pictures ever - we also visited the design museum and korkeasaari - we ate a lot of ice cream in the sun and got tanned.
instax mini by Miia - me and Jacopo at the old maritime museum.
Miia's house-warming present:
Iittala's crystal plates - wrapped in a beautiful home-decorated paper.
kiitos kaikesta Miia ♥

08 July 2011

some photographs and postcards.

I would like to share three recently taken photographs - they don't belong together but I think they are worth seeing.
kuumailmapallot in Helsinki
yesterday evening I have spotted some beautiful hot air balloons flying above the city.
a selfportrait
I have pictured myself with my Mamiya RB67 - wearing my first silk screen printed t-shirt.
• a cat is a bird's best friend
a portrait of me and sweet cat Tove - taken by Jacopo two weeks ago.
✻ ✻ ✻
I also would like to share the first three postcards that I have got since we have moved to Kirjatyöntekijänkatu.
in chronological order:
from Miia - who is coming to visit us in Helsinki tomorrow!
from Annika - a finnish girl speaking italian who we had met on the plane back from Italy.
♥ from Kasia and Joanna - a postcard from the polish mountains with the cutest sketches.
Thank you, my friends! I am always happy to get something in the mailbox!