29 August 2011

more days with emi.

Emi left Helsinki early this morning - after the most wonderful 10 days together. I feel like a piece of me flew away with her - it must be the reason why I feel tired and ill.
memories and photographs of the last few days:
✻ at first I didn't like this photo booth - where my face looks incredibly round - but then I have started to love it - since it is of me and my sister together.
✻ for days it has felt like june again - just yesterday it started to look like autumn.
✻ we went to sell some clothes at Kallion Puistokirppis. I have managed to sell almost everything and I have also bought a gift for Jacopo: one of the most beautiful pencil cases I have ever seen - and the money went to the finnish animal association.
✻ we have managed to attend the workshop Eläimet Kylässä//Animals visting the City for Helsinki Juhlaviikot - where Jacopo and I prepared two eagle masks and Emi prepared a dancing seal. The seal was quite big - but she could carry it on the plane back home with her: that is why I adore Finnair.
✻ in Suomenlinna we had a pic nic with dear Maisa and Anne - my true friends. it was the first time for Emi on the island - she enjoyed it a lot and the day was warm and beautiful.
✻ yesterday - despite the autumnish weather - we eventually visited Korkeasaari zoo and we also managed to drop by Helsingin Kaupunki Museo in Hakasalmi Villa to see the exhibition Merelle.
I am so thankful for these beautiful ten days I have got to spend with my sister. I am going to miss her so much - since it was just so wonderful to have her around it is going to take me a lot of time to get used to Skype and text messages only. I cannot wait to see her again! ♡

23 August 2011

first days with emi.

my sister is in Helsinki - for the second time this year. needless to say we are having a lovely time together. the days are getting a little colder and shorter - still we are enjoying every minute of our walks in the city.
10 photos from these days with Emi:
1st day: the weather was summery. the tourist who took our photo at the market harbour didn't quite got it right. we spent hours reading books at the botanical garden.
on Saturday: we went to Seurasaari - the openair museum was open for the summer and it was amazing to be there.

: museums were closed. we walked a lot and Emi took a photo of me sitting next to I-don't-know-what in front of a souvenirs shop.
today: we tried to catch up with our schedule of museums and city sights - but there are still so many things for Emi to see. I have taken a portrait of Jacopo with his new bike - it was a joyful day for him too.
♡ I am so grateful for these days I get to spend with my sister and I am really glad that there are some more to come!

18 August 2011

per jacopo.

I would like to dedicate a post to Jacopo. today is an important day for him and I want him to know that I am thinking about him. I would like to share here 10 of my favourite photographs of him and me together.
Polly & Jacopo
the first photo booth we took together in Milano - february 2009.
♥ when he bought roses for me and we had our photograph taken in Piazza Duomo - march 2009.
♥ we were printing in the darkroom as he was helping me with a school project - april 2009.
our first time in Finland together - when in Helsinki there were still a couple of analogue photo booths - july 2009.
♥ for a project of mine called "Betulaceae" - november 2009.
♥ one winter day we have met Muumipeikko in Stockholm - december 2009.
my favourite polaroid that Kyllikki has taken of us at the summer house - august 2010.
♥ when Emi visited Helsinki for the first time she took a polaroid of us in front of the white cathedral - march 2011.
♥ from our trip to northern Finland last Easter - one of the best self timer shots we have ever taken - april 2011.
♥ unseen PX680 of us in front of the botanical garden - one of our favourite places close to our home - august 2011.
one year ago - when I have moved to Finland - Jacopo had to wait more than 5 months before moving with me: it was really hard not to spend time with him. I am just so happy that we won't have to say goodbye this time in september.
Jacopo ♡

15 August 2011

my first customer.

Audrey Clark is a lovely girl from USA and she is the first person ever who has purchased my finnish postcards.
thank you Audrey - this is what I have mailed you today:
✻ maxi envelope for maxi postcards - each postcard is 14,8 X 21 cm.
Audrey wanted to have all of the 8 postcards - which made me very happy.
the back of each postcard.
✻ my message to Audrey - I have also included a little surprise for her...
now that I have finally printed the very first batch of my finnish postcards - I must say I am really happy with the texture of the paper and with the colours that have come out. I have just open an etsy shop to hopefully get more visible.

14 August 2011

valtteri 03.

some old photographs I have found at Valtteri flea market yesterday:
✻ is this little girl holding a bird in her hand?
✻ I always tend to look for portraits of women.
✻ I have searched for animal photographs and I have found a few ones with dogs.
✻ I usually pick up the photographs which struck my attention - like the one with kids posing as greek statues or the tiny black-framed photo booth photo.
✻ is this Tromsø? it reminds me so much of this polaroid I took there.
✻ eventually I have chosen a few landscapes and two photographs of planes.
I just can't get enough of old photographs - they are truly inspirational and sensational to me.